This is a test for my cross-posting to my social.lol mastodon instance. Pondering how much I want to make use of it individually. Not a huge fan of boosts, etc.

Might be a good day to finally figure out a decent way to align my “main” site with my micro.blog site. Maybe unify the theming in the hugo templates.

Watched the “Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker” documentary, and I’m not sure what the takeaways should be aside from quite a lot of people thought foisting fame on a troubled individual was a good idea(?)

I know people are complaining about some of its code, but I (not a web developer) have basically used ChatGPT to figure out the elisp and hugo templating I need for my site(s). So that’s fun.

TIL there’s a rx notation in elisp for regular expressions - spent all day writing a regex to export my “blog roll” into markdown and it’s just like “welp, alrighty then”

I’ve decided to start using daily posts in org-roam, mostly for a pre-daily summary and then links I’m reading throughout the day. Can maybe use code to compile them something I cross post to micro.blog + main blog

Huh. Apparently they’re adding the equivalent of quote tweeting in Mastodon? I’m sure that’ll be fun times.

Currently reading: The Blue Cross by G. K. Chesterton 📚

Finally figured out how to have like, a sample of latest microblogs available on my “main site”, then redirect them to the main microblog hugo if needed. I basically just kinda take the resulting /feed.json and use some javascript to list it on the homepage. I originally did it with pure …

This is a little test of me using quotebacks, and seeing how they work inside a microblog post. Was reading an interesting substack on the ending of Minecraft. They were simply obeying the rules of capitalism, the rules so many of us have internalised as though they are natural law, and were trying …

I feel like I’m more productive if I watch a movie sometime during the day - maybe just the break in thinking about something else, same way taking a walk is good for you?

Pondering using toggles in a second hugo theme that points to the feed then keep the main micro.blog hosted site as something people wander into for that specifically, but still keep the “feed of posts” on both Feels very convoluted for little gain, though - hmm

Hellooooo - first post, and and an excuse to test out my own hugo theming - integration with non-hosted hugo.